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Dave O’Farrell


O’Farrell Career Management

Tuesday, March 12th @ 6:30 PM

Our special guest is a career strategist, résumé architect, and brand builder. He helps employers on both ends of the employment life cycle – when they’re hiring and when they’re firing. On the front end, O’Farrell provides executive recruiting services for salaried employees.

Career Management and Employment in the Digital Age



Shorten your search. Earn more money. Get better results.


Our “career management moment” is for YOU. Take the next step in building your own personal brand as a supply chain leader. Ensure your social presence – especially on LinkedIn – is putting your best foot forward.


And who’s not having difficulty in attracting and retaining talent these days? We’ll dive into the secrets of positioning your company as an employer of choice in today’s hypercompetitive labor market. We’ll cover:


  • Three imperatives to enhance your LinkedIn presence – whether you want to “move up” or “move on.”

  • Two keys to position your company as an “employer of choice” so you hire more than your fair share of talent.

  • One principle everyone can use to manage their career and their business more successfully.


On the back end, he helps employers soften the blow when they let employees go by offering the very best outplacement service on the planet. His service is a coveted severance benefit. His background includes:


  • Twenty-nine years in the career management business 

  • Seven years at a leading career management firm 

  • Three years at a leading sales training and consulting firm

  • Twenty-two years as Executive Director of JobSeekers of Peachtree City

  • Twenty-two years as President of O’Farrell Career Management


Reach out to Dave by email or through his LinkedIn page.

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